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It's All About a Story

I Have Been A Passionate Artist since I remember

Hi, My name is Marisabel but almost everyone calls me Mari. My Japanese name in Kanji is 真理,  which I inherited after studying 書道(shodou or Japanese calligraphy), and it means “Truth”.

I balance my creativity, and graphic design skills with my methodic engineer. I enjoy the uniqueness of each culture, love to meet new people and help them with their projects.

I speak four languages, though I wish I could speak more so I could communicate with everyone. That is why I love illustrations and animations, they break the language barrier.

In that way of thinking, I created a sub-brand called byMariZen to connect with many more people.


3 Facts About Me


If you are passionate about your business or project I will be too.

Chocolate Lover

Chocolate taster is my secret dream career. I have the taste buds to identify the cacao percentage in a chocolate bar. I am semi-purist about cacao, liking mostly 75% to 100%, yet I enjoy the nuances of pralines.


I try my best to apply the zen approach not only to my designs but to my way of living. Applying the 5 R's is a way to contribute, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle.